A continuously evolving Kanban board for content teams

Quickly and easily pitch, approve, decline or assign content ideas. Any member of your team can pitch ideas for approval by the editor or content manager.


Once the content idea is accepted, it is easily assigned to a team member for implementation. Check Proposed, Approved, Declined and Assigned cards list to see the content ideas on the board.

Why this is important ...

Track content ideas

Crowdfund content ideas from your team and view all content pitches, approve or decline quickly by dragging and dropping.

Assign content tasks to the team

Quickly assign and keep track of all assigned content ideas for production in the ‘assigned’ cards list.

Control content pipeline

Stay in control of all content ideas and know exactly what is in the content pipeline for your team.

A simple & focused board where your content ideas begin

We have built a simple Kanban board that cuts out all the unnecessary clutter to give you exactly what you need to be on top of your work. Here is what you can do with the Kanban board:

Kanban board features

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Streamline your content workflow to collaborate, produce and publish content faster for your clients.

John Doe

Content Manager, Contio

Work effectively on content marketing campaigns to save time and generate more leads with one content solution.

John Doe

Content Manager, Contio

Save time on workflows and processes to produce more content for your clients using one complete solution.

John Doe

Content Manager, Contio